Kerala Hill Stations

Legend has it that the ancient land of Kerala rose from the seas when the mythological figure Sage Parashuram threw his axe into the sea. This land is indeed blessed by God with its deep blue backwaters, emerald green paddy fields swaying gently in the breeze, and the gold and silver beaches. Bounded by the Arabian Sea on the west and the Western Ghats on the east, Kerala is indeed Gods own country.

as also a treasure trove of indigenous culture and art forms that have mesmerized people the world over. Basking in the generosity of nature with its sun-kissed as well as rain drenched land, Kerala is home to lush green vegetation and a variety of wildlife not seen anywhere else in India. Though shadowed by the famous backwaters, the hill stations of Kerala situated on the Western Ghats are the repository of a different type of the natural wealth of the state. These unspoiled wild but serene hill stations of Kerala are famous as nature lovers’ paradise and is slowly but surely gaining momentum as a great holiday destination as well.

Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city lights lie the hill stations of Kerala, draped in green and still waiting to be discovered by the tourist. Home to some of the oldest tribes, exotic vegetation as well as a variety of wildlife species the harvests of these hills enrich our kitchens and our food with its globally well known spices. Cardamoms, cinnamon, pepper to name just a few, have attracted traders since time immemorial and have also in olden times served to deplete the royal treasuries as well. After the majesty of the snow capped Himalayan mountains and the rugged beauty of the Aravalli ranges the Western Ghats of Kerala along with its numerous hill stations would fill up ones senses. There are number of hill stations of Kerala located along the Western Ghats and each one is unique and charming in its own way.

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