Located at 1800m above sea level, Devikulam is famous for its mineral water springs beautiful landscapes and breath- taking scenic spots. The crisp and cool mountain air heavily laden with the fragrance of wild flowers and rare herbs makes Devikulam the paradise of Nature lovers. The uneven bends and undulating hills provide adventure tourism as one can trek, rock climb or simply take a walk along the uneven narrow hill roads. The flora and fauna of Devikulam are famous as nature is at her best at this glorious hill station.

The Sita Devi Lake is famous for its rejuvenating springs of mineral water, is also a favorite picnic spot and offers opportunities for trout fishing. A legend has it that Sita Devi the consort of Lord Rama, had once come to this spot to frolic in the lake hence the name Devikulam which literally means the “Lake of the Goddess.”

Lush green slopes that seem to touch the sky, silent clusters of red and blue gum trees, a lovely deep blue lake hidden among the hills all combine together to add to the picture postcard beauty of Devikulam which is located 16 kilometers from Munnar. Mere words cannot describe the experience of an early morning walk along the mist covered hills, while listening to the soft sound of the gushing waterfalls cascading from steep heights. The drive through the ghat section roads from Cochin to Devikulam takes about four and a half hours and from Kottayam the distance can be covered in less than four hours.


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