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About Us

About Us

The Blue Lotus Houseboats is the leading houseboat company in Alleppey. We have 12 years experience in houseboat vacations. We have felt and lived with the changing moods and inspiring vistas of the backwaters in Alappuzha. Yet, each voyage, undertaken by the Alleppey houseboats of Blue Lotus Cruise, over the vast backwater expanse is a refreshing experience to our guests.

A labyrinth of canals, lakes, coconut groves, water birds, village life; all make your backwater holidays with Blue Lotus Cruise a rejuvenating experience for your mind and body. This coupled with our outstanding onboard facilities, assistance by well-trained staff, and a variety of ethnic dishes to keep your taste buds busy, make it indeed a special occasion for your holidays on the backwaters.

Stay in Blue Lotus houseboat is a life time experience one can have! it is a different experience all together. To make it more memorable we BLUE LOTUS HOUSEBOATS are constantly working harder to make our guest have a pleasant stay while on their cruise in the backwaters. Our fleets of boats are fitted with all modern amenities/facilities. Our boats are categorized in the Golden Star category and each boat has an assorted number of one to six bedrooms with a private bath and wash room. The houseboats also have a fine dining area and a lounge cum sitting room. The houseboats come complete with a large front and a kitchen. We generally have a 24 hour power back up and clean water supply. Each of our houseboats has a cook and a care taker who work for you during your entire stay. We definitely know that once you visit and experience us, you would always feel yourself back in your second home