Kerala Music

Music in Kerala has a long and rich tradition. Malayalam literature boasts of musical poetry long before prose was written. The basic forms of music in Kerala are Carnatic classical music, folk songs, and film songs. Kerala is known for its Sopanam music. This is classical music is basically an invocation sung in front of the Sopanam or the steps of the temple to the accompaniment of a small ethnic drum known as the idakka. .

Kathakali music is sung in the language Manipravalam which is a highly sanskritised version of Malayalam. Even though the music is set in the Carnatic style ragas the style of plain-note rendition is similar to the Sopanam music.

Pullavan Paattu is folk songs sung by the Pullavar community. They sing these songs in praise of snakes whom they worship. These singers move from place to place performing in both low caste and upper caste houses alike.Mappila Paattu is the traditional music of the Muslims of Kerala. These songs have a distinct Hindustani base which consists of various forms music like Ghazals. Authentic Muslim dances like Oppana and Kolkali are performed to the accompaniment of Mappila Paattu.


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