Economy of Kerala

The service sector dominates the economic landscape of Kerala. The economic progress of Kerala is higher than the national average in the country. But there are very few major business corporations’ factories and industries that flourish in Kerala. The main reason that the Kerala economy is booming is due to the money that comes in from the Gulf countries. Most families in Kerala have at least one member working in one of the Gulf countries. They regularly remit money home in Kerala. Thus remittances from global capitalization drive the Kerala economy.

In the rural regions of the coastal plains agriculture is the main occupation. Besides agriculture, allied industries like animal husbandry, poultry farming, and coir industry are all other cottage industries in the state. The rubber and spices plantations also add their bit to the state exchequer. Rice is the main crop that is grown in Kerala with about 600 different varieties grown in the vast and extensive paddy fields.

Another great industry that is booming is the Tourism industry. With its pristine beaches, the calm backwaters, the cool and serene mountains, the plantations and the wildlife sanctuaries, Kerala has a lot to offer to the tourists. Ayurveda the traditional system of medicine which is finding favor with people all over the world is yet another attraction with the various packages tailor made to suit the tourists.Kerala is thus a land blessed by God in every aspect. One should visit the state to see and experience the marvels of nature that exist side by side with the modern pace of life in the state.


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