Sankhumugham Beach

Sankhumugham is a famous city beach which is situated close to the Trivandrum airport. During holidays, the people from the city visit the beach to relax and unwind. This beach is long and wide and can accommodate tens of thousands of people. There are many facilities on the beach such as a children’s park, an indoor recreation club and a star-shaped restaurant.

There is a large and enticing sculpture of a mermaid known as Matsya Kanyaka, made by Sri Kanai Kunjuraman, a famous sculptor, here on the beach which greets the visitor. At the time of temple festivals, visitors can sport the ritual of washing of temple idols here on the beach. This beach is also a fishermen village, which means that one can get interesting sights of fishermen and their daily catch. Located at a distance of just 7 km away from the city Trivandrum, this beach is a favorite haunt of many tourists for watching sunsets.

Sankhumugham Beach is more crowded during the local holidays and on the weekends. Children can visit the Chacha Nehru Traffic Training Park here to absorb more knowledge about the traffic rules. One can also enjoy shopping here in street side stalls around the beach put up by a lot of vendors. The number of visitors to Sankhumugham Beach has increased recently and more and more people are flocking to this lovely beach to enjoy its scenic beauty and tourist attractions.

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