Alappuzha Beach

This beach is located in Kerala’s Allepey district. It is one of the most gorgeous beaches in India. It has a small park called Vijaya Beach Park located nearby and an old lighthouse which often attracts a lot of curious tourists. Travelers from different parts of the world named this beach as the Venice of the East because it is a backwater destination and there is a huge network of lagoons, lakes and freshwater rivers crisscrossing one another. This beach is a perfect picnic spot for families. When in Alappuzha Beach, be sure to check out the 140 year old pier which extends into the sea.

There are plenty of entertainment facilities which are available in this beach which is ornamented with nature’s lovely gifts such as lagoons, fresh water rivers, vast lakes, etc; hence it is also called the natural wonderland of Kerala.Alappuzha Beach is also called Alleppey beach, this beach is situated on a thin strip of land between the Punnamada backwaters and the Arabian Sea. This beach is the best place for lounging and for spending time in leisure. One can enjoy the bliss of doing nothing here because this sandy beach is long and fringed with palm trees and is far from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. A lot of people like to jog on the white sand or sink their foot into the inviting sand or create sand castles.

The famous Nehru Trophy Boat Race is help in Alleppey Beach during the month of August. This famous boat race is excellent for those who wish to witness this big and lively event of Kerala. Every year, the tourists as well as locals gather around to watch the spectacular race. Sometimes this glamorous event or celebration can gather up to two lakh people. Although Kerala itself is a lovely place but Alleppey beach just adds to the beauty, in fact it is like another one of those studs on a lovely ornament.

Some of the popular beaches in Kerala are:

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