How to Get to Kerala?

Although located in the extreme corner, Kerala is well connected by road, rail as well air with rest of the country courtesy of its proactive tourism sector as well as the upcoming commercialization. Of course, the choice of transport depends on a number of factors like the distance to be travelled, comfort desired by the traveler and proximity of point of commencement of the journey in respect with the state.Another over-riding factor while availing the mode of transport is the budget of the traveler as there is a vast difference in the cost of the three different types of travel.

Reaching Kerala by Road

Getting to Kerala by road is one of the most frequently used modes of travel, especially for people coming in from the neighboring states as there are buses plying to and fro at regular intervals on a daily basis. Apart from state owned and Government owned buses there are vehicles owned by private transport agencies as well which cross the borders innumerable times not only during the day but throughout the night as well. Opting for such a service is undoubtedly the cheapest way of traveling although comfort aspect might be questionable. Having decided to travel by bus, the traveler need not depend only on the state buses and could seriously consider hailing one of the Volvo luxury shuttles which are an embodiment of comfort in road travel. Many private agencies operate Volvo services in various categories and all that is required of the traveler is to select a coach which is suitable for him in terms of level of comfort and budget

Yet another way of traveling by road would be drive your own car or lease one with a driver. In this regard, it is NH-47 which one needs to follow as this highway cuts across the state to end in the coastal town of Kochi. Self driving is definitely an independent way of traveling although one must be prepared with the driving license and other papers lest there is an inquiry at any of the frequently placed check posts. An easier alternative is to hire a car wherein one can choose not just the make of the vehicle but the amenities as well and enjoy the countryside while cruising within the speed limits.

Another great industry that is booming is the Tourism industry. With its pristine beaches, the calm backwaters, the cool and serene mountains, the plantations and the wildlife sanctuaries, Kerala has a lot to offer to the tourists. Ayurveda the traditional system of medicine which is finding favor with people all over the world is yet another attraction with the various packages tailor made to suit the tourists.Kerala is thus a land blessed by God in every aspect. One should visit the state to see and experience the marvels of nature that exist side by side with the modern pace of life in the state.

Traveling by Rail

Traveling to Kerala by rail is another feasible option as the state is an essential part of the countrywide rail network. Within Kerala, it is the railway stations of Thiruvananthpuram and Kochi which handle the lion’s share of the rail traffic while most of the smaller towns and cities are connected amongst themselves and converge at these two points. Train service between Kerala and neighboring states is frequent and regular throughout the week but when it comes to distant metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai, the frequency might trickle down to once or twice a week.A tourist who is desirous of traveling by railways must make prior bookings so as to be able to travel comfortably as it is usual for trains to be crowded. This is one of the best ways to travel as it provides an unforgettable glimpse of the far flung coastal areas which otherwise would be inaccessible. There are deluxe services in the region as well, one of them being the ‘Golden Chariot South Indian Rail Tour’, which afford their passengers breathtaking views of the Western Ghats.Once the train stops at the station, the next prerogative of the traveler would be to walk out of the station and hail a cab or take a bus or any other form of local transport as is convenient.

Flying Down to Kerala

Kerala’s airports, though few and far between, not only connect the state to other parts of the country but to the Middle East and South East Asian countries as well. Amongst the three existing airports, it is the Kochi International Airport which holds the honor of being the biggest and the busiest. The next is the airport located in the capital city, the Thiruvananthapuram airport, and this is ideal for those travelers who wish to land centrally in the state and enjoy full accessibility to the transit services. Since it serves the capital city, it is a part of many national and international flight routes as well.Being the latest addition to the aviation network is the Kozhikode International airport which is yet to match up to its counterparts. While Kerala’s airports are served by most of the prominent flyers, the best way out of the airport would be to hail a cab, which might be private or prepaid. For hiring a private cab the tourist must head straight out of the airport’s exit door while prepaid cabs can be booked with the arrival section.Kerala, with the Arabian Sea to its west, the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu to its north and south respectively, covers an area of 38,863 square kilometers. Though Thriuvananthapuram is the capital city of the state Cochin is considered to be the commercial capital of the city The etymology of the name Kerala is uncertain. It is a combination of the word "Kera" which means coconut and "Alam" which means land. Thus the people of Kerala call their home state Keralam which means the land of coconut trees. According to a legend, the great sage Parashurama threw his axe into the sea and a piece of land rose from it. This land is Kerala. Another legend is connected with the Matsya Puranas according to which the Malaya Mountains is the backdrop for the story of Lord Vishnus Matsya Avatar and King Manu.

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